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Tips for vacuum cleaner maintenance

2023-09-22 14:03:21

Introduce the working principle of a vacuum cleaner. The motor generates suction, and the air passes through the brush head → long connecting pipe → air duct → dust cup → motor → discharge. The dust will complete the filtering process at the dust cup, achieving gas and dust separation from the air, and ultimately the dust will remain in the dust cup.

After understanding the working principle of a vacuum cleaner, we will know that after using the vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to clean the dust in the vacuum cleaner cup, and at the same time, it is possible to clean the Haipa.

Step 1: Open the dust cup and pour the garbage into the trash can. The residual dust in the dust cup can be wiped quickly with a damp cloth;

Step 2: Remove the Haipa and gently tap it in the trash can to shake off the floating ash. You can rinse the handkerchief under the faucet. Dust that is difficult to clean can be assisted with a soft bristle brush. A hard bristle brush can affect the dust filtering effect of the handkerchief, so please do not use it. After washing, the sea handkerchief can be placed in a cool place to dry in the shade (Tip - After cleaning the sea handkerchief, it needs to be dried to prevent the blown air from turning into foul smelling droplets). In order to maintain good dust filtering effect, Haipa recommends replacing it after 3-4 months;

Step 3: Turn the air inlet of the vacuum cleaner brush head upwards and check for any hair or lint. If there is a brush on the floor, remove the brush head to check for any foreign objects such as hair.

Step 4: If it is a vacuum cleaner with a battery, in order to extend the battery life, remember to charge and maintain it regularly when not in use for a long time.